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Content Copywriting

Do you need quality content for your business website? We are experienced web copywriter and SEO experts who can write professional website copy for your site.

Don't just focus on the web design. It's the words that bring visitors to your website - via search engines - and keep them there.

If you have a nice looking website but badly written content or no SEO in place, you are losing out on visitors and potential customers.

Having well-structured, well-written, persuasive and search engine-friendly web copy on your site is one of the best business decisions you can make.

The days of keyword-stuffing are long gone. Today Google is looking to you for quality content…

Many businesses live or die on their ability to be found by search engines. The need to create searchable sites populated by searchable content is as strong as ever. But what has changed in recent years is exactly what Google means by good seo content.

Today Google puts a premium on content that is relevant, original, interesting and well-written. Updates like Panda are designed to root out content that is thin, unoriginal, inaccurate and misleading. So while it’s still possible to get seo gobbledygook churned out for peanuts, in the long run such a strategy will do more harm than good. You need seo copywriting that provides value and is relevant to your audience.

What’s the process?
We can help you create web seo copy that ticks all the boxes without sacrificing editorial quality. In fact, we see keyword research not as the enemy of good writing – but as a vital tool for improving the quality and relevance of your content.

We’ll work with you – and your seo company, if you have one – to help you generate elegant seo copy that will please both Google and your users. You can simply use us as a content writing resource, or we can help you generate ideas and put together an editorial calendar as part of a strategic content marketing process

What will you get?

Depending on the level of involvement you need from us, we can provide:
  • Great content that seamlessly incorporates keywords and is also on brand, usable and engaging a regular delivery of content pieces to support your ongoing seo strategy
  • Help with generating ideas and planning your editorial calendar – your very own content marketing process
  • Help with developing copy templates or formats to streamline the content production process
  • Training for your team in seo copywriting
  • Professional quality control as standard

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